What is OSS.Fund?

OSS.Fund is a catalog of monetization platforms for open source builders. It helps independent creators find the best monetization platform for their needs and financially survive while growing a community. It is curated and maintained as a crowdsourced list on Github.

Why join OSS.Fund?

Open source monetization is a small but fragmented space. By adding a platform to OSS.Fund, you help its discovery by the open source community. You will get a shoutout and free advertisement, newsletter subscribers, and get mentioned at conference talks and blog posts.

How to join OSS.Fund?

OSS.Fund is an open source project maintained on Github. To join or update existing details, make a pull request, or just drop a message using the form below.

Who created OSS.Fund?

This is a public goods website created by Bilgin Ibryam with a focus on Open Source Software Funding (hence the name OSS.Fund). Since, this collection has grown to over 100+ platforms through multiple contributors and it is continuously updated. Any platform that offers any kind of service related to open source monetization is welcome to join in.

How is OSS.Fund built?

It is a static site based on Hugo, Github, and Render.

Stay updated

To get updates for new monetization platforms, sign up below.

Contact us

Email hello@oss.fund or complete the form below with your request and I will aim to respond to you as soon as possible.

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