All monetization platforms

Name Category Status   Activity     Fees     Monetization   
NumFOCUSGrantsLive80There are around 80 sponsored and affiliated projects0Open source project grants funded through donations
HackerOneBountiesLive1700Over 1,700 customer programs and over 600,000 ethical hackers have signed up5%Security bug bounties
BytepackPaywallIn-development0?Paywall for software package usage
Permissionless Software FoundationCrowdfundingIn-development00%Decentralized crowdfunding
Commons StackCrowdfundingIn-development0At iteration0 focused on token engineering commons?Decentralized tools to raise and allocate shared funds
GhostContentLive6000There are around 6000 paying customers and over 2M installs to date29$From 29$/month to 199$/monthPaid membership with recurring subscriptions and email newsletters
MemberfulContentLive500Over 500 paying customers when Patreon bought them25$From 25$/month to 100$/month plust + 4.9% transaction feesPaywall for websites and membership monetization
NouGitCrowdfundingIn-development02.9%2.9% per transaction including any currency exchange and processing.Decentralized bounties and rewards
CoilDonationsLive??Real time payments for time spent consuming content
BlocklancerBountiesLive800Around 800 gigs listed3%3% commissionBounties
UpworkBountiesLive5000000Upwork has over 12M freelancers and 5M clients which makes it the largest freelancer marketplace23%20% for the first $500 billed, then it goes down to 10% and 5%, plus 3% processing feesBounties
EggheadContentLive5500Egghead offers nearly 5500 video lessons in total$150$150 for access to all courses for an entire yearSales of online video courses
GumroadPaywallLive40000There are more than 40K artists and creators earn over $180,000,0003.5%-8.5%Per sale fees and monthly subscriptionCut from sales and monthly subscription
InfaticaAdvertisingLive10000000More than 10M residential proxies360$ - 20000$"GB/Month plansNetwork traffic monetization
OtechieSubscriptionIn-development0?Real time, paid chat support
FosshostInfrastructureLive50More than 50 projects are using Fosshost.0Donations
BountifyBountiesLive1600Over 1600 bounties, all of which claimed or expired0.99$-14.99$Fees range from 0.99$ to 14.99$ depending on bounty amountBounties
FairOSSFundraisingLive010$-2000$Charter memberships ($10 - $2000) and equity commitment optionsMembership fees, trademark fees, equity fundraising
FiverrBountiesLive240000000Fiver has 2.4 million active buyers and 830,000 sellers20%Fiverr has 20% commission and withdrawal fees from sellers, and $2 or 5% from buyersBounties
FundabitSubscriptionLive15More than 15 creators registered5%5% plus Ethereum gas feesMonthly subscription
Storj NetworkInfrastructureLive8000There are over 8000 active nodes from over 84 countries10%For every dollar Storj earns, 10% share paid to the referring open-source partner.Incorporate Storj as a cloud storage option and earn share from the revenue
LibreSeleryDonationsLive3000About 3000€ have already been distributed with LibreSelery1.49%-3.99%Coinbase fee for buying or selling cryptocurrency. Sending between coinbase wallets is for free.Automated Donation Integrated into Continouse Integration
Dev ProtocolStakingLive15001,583,327 DEV tokens with a market cap over of $70K were distributed to OSS developers of 1500 open source projects.1%Ethereum Gas feesStaking tokens to support projects and earn rewards
Bounty SourceBountiesLive2000A community with around 70000 members and over 2000 active bounties10%Bounties, Crowdfunding, Donations
SnowdriftCrowdfundingIn-development0?Donations with matching limits
FlossbankDonationsLive1000Recently launched, growing every day as users decide to give for free.1%-30%1% for company donations, 2% for user donations, 30% for adsMonthly donations or in terminal ads
Amazon SmileDonationsLive10000There are more than 10000 charities (including software foundations) that received more than 15M$ in donations99.5%Donates 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees)Donations from purchases of customers who opted-in
Apt-get ShirtDonationsLive8There are less than 10 T-shirts listed50%Donates 50% of proceedingsDonations from merchandise purchases
AWS Promotional CreditGrantsLive?0Free cloud services to open source projects
BackYourStackSubscriptionIn-development0?Support enabling toolset
BeerpayDonationsDiscontinued0?Donations, issue funding
Bounties NetworkBountiesLive10Less than 10 bounties0%Bounties
BugmarkBountiesIn-development0?A marketplace for issues and selective incentives
Buy me CoffeeDonationsLive1000There are more than 100000 registered creators (around 1000 supported)5%One time small donations
Carbon AdsAdvertisingLive10More than 10 publishers0Paid by number of ad impressions (CTR)Ads
CodeBuddySubscriptionIn-development0?Real time, in-IDE support
CodeFundAdvertisingDiscontinued39More than 39 ad campaigns0Paid by number of ad impressions (CTR)Ethical advertising
CoinlancerBountiesLive10Less than 10 jobs3%Bounties
Commit ChangeCrowdfundingLive?3%3% of online donationsDonations, crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising events
Community BridgeCrowdfundingLive30More than 30 projects with some funding5%Zero fees for first $10M donated through CommunityBridge. After that, 5% platform fee plus the payment processor’s fee.Crowdfunding
Core Infrastructure InitiativeGrantsLive10Less than 10 projects funded0Grants are funded by donations from individuals and members and awarded to selected projectsGrants for selected projects
EllcrysSubscriptionIn-development0?Paid development, bug fixes, token based monetization
EthicalAdsAdvertisingLive70000007 million developers come to Read the Docs 35 million times monthly600$-1500$$600 for 200k impressions, $1500 for 600k impressionsEthical advertising
FlattrDonationsLive21000More than 21000 websites are using using Flattr5%Single subscription, shared between as many receivers
FOSS PayDonationsDiscontinued?0%Donations
Free and Open Source Software AuditGrantsLive15More than 15 projects granted funds0EU sponsored support for FOSS
Fund RequestBountiesLive10More than 10 backers?Bounties
FunditionCrowdfundingLive400More than 400 projects with various level of funding0%0% fees for founders and backers with Steem account.Decentralized crowdfunding
GitcoinBountiesLive280More than 280 bounties0%Bounty, contest, recurring payments, kudos, tips
GitFundSubscriptionIn-development10Around 10 backers for the platform itself0Tiered support model for project sponsorship
GitHub SponsorsBountiesLive34Generally available in 34 regions around the world0%No charge fees, and Github covers payment processing costs for the first yearSponsorship for bug reports, issue triage, code, documentation, etc.
GitpayBountiesLive150More than 150 paid tasks8%-30%8% for open source projects, 18% for private projects, 30% for supportBounties
GitstoreSubscriptionLive60More than 10 maintainers0%-1%From free monthly plan to 50$/month depending on revenueSubscription, purchase or donation plans for projects
GivethBountiesLive50More than 50 donations0%Donations
GoteoCrowdfundingLive1200More than 1200 projects funded4%Crowdfunding
Hacken ProofBountiesLive10More than 10 security related bug bounties posted?Security bug bounties
Hit ChainCrowdfundingIn-development0?Decentralized ecosystem of services, governance and funding
HopsieDonationsLive?49$From 49$/month to 129$/monthDonations, campaigns
HoudiniDonationsLive4There are 4 teams hosting Houdini for fundraising needs0Donations, crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising events
IndieMakerMarketplaceLive12000There are over 12000 members in the marketplace12%12% buyer fees, and 1%-10% seller feesCommission from sales
IndigogoCrowdfundingLive9000000More than 9M backers contributed to over 800000 ideas5%Campaign and on demand crowdfunding
Issue HuntBountiesLive500More than 500 paid issues10%Issue based bounties
IT SphereBountiesDiscontinued0?Decentralized bounties
KauriDonationsLive??Tipping content creators
KickstarterCrowdfundingLive17000000Close to 17 million people backed around 500000 projects5%Crowdfunding campaigns with target goal
Ko-fiDonationsLive300000More than 300000 bloggers, artists, podcasters, developers, cosplayers and all kinds of creators have received more than $12m using Ko-fi.0%0% for donations and 5% on commission type of workDonations, crowdfunding, paywall, commissions (unique work)
LeanpubContentLive6500More than 6500 published and listed on Leanpub store20%0% fee for free books, 20% for paid booksSelf-publishing of E-books and courses
LiberapayCrowdfundingLive1000More than 1000 teams, organizations, individuals, repositories backed by many patrons5%The average is expected to be below 5% in all cases.Donations
License ZeroPaywallLive?1%1% of gross salesDual licensing model with selling private licenses
LyfevestSubscriptionIn-development0299$From $299.99/month to $2399.99/yearSupport through subscription
MemberSpaceContentLive6000There are over 6000 membership site founders!25$25$ per monthPaywall for websites and membership monetization
NLnetGrantsLive100More than 100 projects funded0Donations funded pods for targeted compute themes
Open CollectiveDonationsLive1900More than 1900 collectives with contributors5%Usually between 5%-10%Donations, sponsorships
Open GiftDonationsDiscontinued00Bounties
Open Source CoinCrowdfundingIn-development0?Decentralized infrastructure for projects
Open Source DesignBountiesLive150More than 150 jobs (some paid, some gratis)0Jobs board for designers
PatreonDonationsLive3000000More than 3 million patrons support more than 100,000 creators5%-12%Lite 5%, Pro 8%, Premium 12%Regular donations
PledgecampCrowdfundingIn-development1?Decentralized crowdfunding
SaasifyInfrastructureLive10More than 10 example projects hosted0Free for early adopters, 20% later, and special pricing for open source projectsA cut from users running your project on the SaaS platform
ScarfPaywallIn-development??Paywall for software package usage
Software Freedom ConservancyDonationsLive50More than 50 projects backed10%Donations and software foundations like services
Software in the Public InterestDonationsLive4040 projects sponsored0Donation based sponsorship of non-technical administrative tasks
SourceCredDonationsIn-development2Used for SourceCred itself and Maker projects0Metric generation for fair rewards and donations
StaroidInfrastructureLive10Less than 10 projects20%A cut from users running your project on the SaaS platform
SubstackContentLive100000More than 100,000 people pay to subscribe to writers across the Substack10%If you have a paid publication, Substack charges 10% of your subscription revenue.Content and newsletter paywall where readers pay writers directly
TeachableContentLive100000More than 100000 creators sold over $500M in courses29$29$ to 249$ per monthSales of online video courses
ThanksDonationsLive00Express need of support for maintainers
TideliftSubscriptionLive1000More than 1000 projects backed1500$$1500/monthSupport through subscription
TipeeeDonationsLive248775There are more than 10000 creators backed by around 243000 unique tippers8%Commission is 8% including tax on the amounts collected each month.Tipping online creators
UdemyContentLive50000000There are 57000 instructors teaching over 150000 courses, more than 50 million students50%50% revenue shared on organic salesSales of online video courses
UtopianCrowdfundingDiscontinued0?Grants for project maintainers
XS CodeSubscriptionLive?25%Dual licensing model for support and services

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